International Journal of Environmental Chemistry


Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2021

  • Serum Nickel Levels Compromise the Oxidative Status and Lung Functions in Ceramic Workers

    Uzma Jabbar, Mazhar Mushtaq, Javed Anver Qureshi

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2021
    Pages: 1-6
    Received: 1 March 2021
    Accepted: 17 March 2021
    Published: 30 March 2021
    Abstract: Nickel, in the form of various alloys and compounds, has been in widespread commercial use for over 100 years. Several million workers worldwide are exposed to airborne fumes, dust, and mist containing nickel and its compounds. Further, exposures by inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact occur in nickel-producing industries, like mining, milling, m... Show More
  • A Review on Success and Failures of Conservation Agriculture Practices in Ethiopia

    Tesfaw Melkamu Adugna, Dessie Almaw Cherie

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2021
    Pages: 7-11
    Received: 4 February 2021
    Accepted: 27 April 2021
    Published: 14 May 2021
    Abstract: Agribusiness possesses a key position for the Ethiopian economy, which contributes inside a single year 85% of business of the country’s populace, 95% of arrive beneath development and contributes more than 96% add up to rural yields. Be that as it may, the conventional arrive utilize framework harms this division and welcome over the top soil disi... Show More
  • The Consequence of Drinking Water, in Air and Soil with the Presence of Natural Radioactive Elements

    Baye Zinabe Kebede

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2021
    Pages: 12-16
    Received: 22 March 2021
    Accepted: 25 May 2021
    Published: 31 May 2021
    Abstract: The current work was evaluated so as to assess the impact of naturally hot components in soil and water samples. The majority of the world's covers were made up of emitting radiation components. We have taken eight consecutive research previous studied article related with the present work what we are focused. The first source of hot isotopes is de... Show More